AbacusBio launches new office in Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, June 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AbacusBio, a leading global agri-science consultancy, announced the opening of a new office in Alberta as the next step in the company’s global expansion . With support from Invest Alberta and Edmonton Global to launch operations in Edmonton, the company will bring expertise that will support Canadian companies address food security and sustainability in the agricultural sector.

Founded in New Zealand in 2001, AbacusBio leverages core competencies in genetics and animal husbandry and applies them to plant breeding as plant improvements form a vital component to solving food security and future global environmental challenges. The Edmonton-based team will create six jobs in its first year as it expands into successful offices located in Edinburgh, UK and Dunedin, Aotearoa New Zealand, the company’s global headquarters.

Specializing in animal and plant genetics, data science, economics and digital technology applied to agriculture, AbacusBio chose Alberta because of the opportunities available in the local agribusiness sector and the vast pool of talent available to expand operations in North America. Currently, the group has more than 60 team members from 16 different nationalities working to bridge the gap between business and science across agricultural value chains. They have worked with over 500 clients in various agricultural sectors worldwide and have hosted more than 100 interns and 20 PhD internships to date.

AbacusBio is committed to reinvesting in communities and is planning to continue supporting science education and empowering students as they expand into Alberta. This will give Canadian undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain experience through internship programs or graduate residency studies with AbacusBio.

Since late 2022, both Invest Alberta and Edmonton Global have worked to support AbacusBios’ expansion plans by providing insights into the local business landscape and making valuable presentations to service providers and partners.

The government of Alberta is committed to securing the future of our province through innovation, sustainable growth and diversification. Through AbacusBio, Alberta’s agriculture and forestry sectors will have access to cutting-edge solutions to maximize their potential. We look forward to the positive impact AbacusBio will have on Alberta’s economic development.– RJ Sigurdson, Secretary of Alberta agriculture and Irrigation

With five AbacusBio employees, including myself as a Canadian University alumni, we are highly motivated to contribute to the future of Canadian agriculture, as part of a key strategic move for our rapidly growing global business. Dr. Peter Amer, Group Managing Director, Abacus Bio

“It is great news that AbacusBio is expanding globally and has chosen the Edmonton region to launch local operations that will address food security and sustainability across the country. Edmonton is positioning itself as a global leader in technology and innovation, and our agricultural growth – science industry says our upward trajectory towards technological advancement, climate action and economic growth won’t slow down any time soon. I look forward to welcoming AbacusBio in the Edmonton region and I thank Edmonton Global and Invest Alberta for their support in growing our region’s economic potential.” Amarjeet Sohi, MayorCity of Edmonton

We are thrilled to welcome AbacusBio to the Edmonton region and Canada. Our region can help feed the world if it were one of the few countries in the world that produces more food than it consumes. I look forward to seeing the impact this innovative company has on our already thriving food and agriculture sector and how it will contribute to our thriving R&D ecosystem. Access to abundant resources, talent and infrastructure make the Edmonton region an ideal place to invest. With eight post-secondary institutions including the University of Alberta’s Department of Agriculture and Forestry and an enrollment of approximately 130,000 students, companies like AbacusBio have access to the highly skilled talent they need to grow, innovate and succeed. Malcolm Bruce, CEO, Edmonton Global

With the opening of the new office, AbacusBio brings world-leading agroscience to Alberta’s already large agricultural sector. AbacusBios’ unique expertise in animal and plant genetics will help alleviate global food security challenges while advancing environmental solutions along the agricultural value chain right here in Alberta. Rick Christiaanse, managing directorInvest Alberta

AbacusBio is a prime example of a New Zealand agro-science and technology company offering solutions globally with a focus on sustainability. Matt Ritchie, Trade Commissioner and Consul GeneralNew Zeland Commerce and enterprise

About Invest Alberta:
Invest Alberta engages the world and provides tailored high-end support to companies, investors and new major projects. With team members strategically placed in key markets around the world, Invest Alberta works to break down barriers so businesses can start, scale and succeed without limits. Since 2020, Invest Alberta has backed the pledge of nearly $20 billion in investments that have created more than 25,000 new high-value jobs for Albertans. For more information, visit investalberta.ca.

From Abacus Bio:
AbacusBio is an international leader in the application of science and technology in agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture. Our consultants work globally on industry-leading initiatives along the primary food supply chain, with specific expertise in genetics and data science, production system economics, strategy and investments, and technology. Their global reach gives the company technical and strategic insight into a broad range of challenges facing primary food production. AbacusBio recognizes our responsibility to the land and people wherever we work, but especially recognizes the indigenous peoples of the Edmonton/Amiskwaciwskahikan region, their history, deep connection to the land and the role we can play in supporting a positive impact in the Community. For more information, visit abacusbio.com.

About Edmonton Global:
Edmonton Global’s purpose is to fundamentally transform and grow the economy of the Edmonton metropolitan region. We are a non-profit corporation founded by 14 municipalities that make up the Edmonton Metro Region. Our goal is to attract foreign investment, help regional enterprises export with the world, enhance the global competitiveness of our regions, and bring our region together with a unified voice to attract the attention and interest of investors from around the world.

CONTACT: Invest Alberta 1-403-861-9968 communications@investalberta.ca AbacusBio info@abacusbio.com Edmonton Global 1-780-996-1524 sbouslama@edmontonglobal.ca

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