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The universe of alternative health is expanding: acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, herbal remedies and holistic medicine all offer alternatives or additions to traditional Western health care. Shamanic practice presents another little-known option.

Paula Rosenfeld, a shamanic practitioner from Evanston, works at Heartwood Integrative Health and Healing Center1818 Dempster St.

Paula Rosenfeld, a shamanic practitioner, said she wants to “help clients experience greater inner harmony and wholeness.” Credit: Laura Ham

ON its websiteRosenfeld describes herself as a shamanic healer, spiritual empowerment coach, and clairvoyant. The RoundTable recently interviewed Rosenfeld to learn more about her practice. The following transcript has been slightly edited.

What is Shamanic Healing?

As a shamanic practitioner, I function as a conduit, receiving instruction from spirit guides on how to help clients with the energetic root of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental conditions. Aided by the rhythmic beat of drums and rattles, I enter an intentional trance state that strengthens my connection to spirit guides. During this shamanic journey, I receive direct revelations from spirit on how to help my clients heal energy blockages and traumas. My goal is to become a hollow bone for higher guidance, with the intention of helping clients experience greater inner harmony and wholeness.

Rosenfeld shamanic drum and rattles. Credit: Paula Rosenfeld

According to your website, soul retrieval and extraction is one of your main modalities. Can you tell more about it?

Soul loss is an energetic event, usually the result of a trauma that caused part of your soul to disconnect from the whole as a protective survival mechanism. When soul loss has occurred, one or a series of soul retrievals can lead to dramatic results. Many of life’s traumas create soul loss, such as physical, emotional, or sexual trauma, surgery, accident, military service PTSD, a bad divorce, loss of a parent through illness or divorce, or simply feeling unseen or marginalized within one’s family or society. in general. Sometimes clients come to me because they feel stuck or spiritually lifeless with no idea why. The soul retrieval process often reveals insight into why they feel this way.

From my experience, a lack of energetic wholeness in the spiritual realm can manifest itself as physical conditions such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, addiction, asthma, cancer, or simply as a persistent sense of unease. Historically clients find me as a last resort after traditional therapy and medical care has incompletely helped them regain vitality, connection, or purpose. Recently, however, more and more people are seeking a consultation as a complement to their traditional medical treatments.

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