Many events have been canceled or moved indoors due to smoke from the Canadian wildfires

Indianapolis remains in the air quality hazardous category, with exposure to outside air for a few minutes could lead to health effects, according to AccuWeather. Some of these health effects include coughing, wheezing and other more serious respiratory problems, particularly for vulnerable populations.

Due to Knozone Action Day, residents are encouraged to keep activity levels down, avoid the outdoors, wear a mask outdoors, maintain indoor air quality and keep pets indoors, according to the statement.

A thick haze caused by smoke from a Canadian wildfire obscures the view of downtown Indianapolis Wednesday, June 28, 2023, as seen from Highland Park on the city's east side.

Here are a few places around Indianapolis that are following the advice of health professionals and taking precautions in response to the lingering smoke layer from the wildfires in Canada that has made its way into central Indiana.

Connor Prairie

The outdoor areas are closed and the summer camps are making their rainy day plans, which today move all of their activities indoors. Connor Prairie monitored air quality closely and didn’t want to put people at risk by keeping them out, said Holly Pasquinelli, senior manager of public relations.

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