Neanderthals created Europe’s oldest ‘intentional’ carvings up to 75,000 years ago, study suggests

Study researchers Trine Freiesleben and Jean-Claude Marquet discuss fingerprints and where to take samples of optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) so they can date the artwork. (Image credit: Credit: Kristina Thomsen; (CC-BY 4.0))

The oldest known carvings in Europe, discovered in a French cave sealed for tens of thousands of years, were likely not made by modern humans but rather by Neanderthals, according to a new study.

Inside the La Roche-Cotard cave, 150 miles (240 kilometers) southwest of Paris, researchers have analyzed a series of non-figurative marks thought to have been made by ancient human fingers, according to a published study. Wednesday (June 21) in the magazine PLOS One.

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