Europe’s Space Telescope aims to solve the mystery of the dark universe

Annotated illustration of the Euclid satellite from two angles, the cold side and the hot side.  Also detailing the part of the night sky it will scan

Get free space exploration updates Well, I’ll send you a myFT daily digest email rounding last Space exploration news every morning. The European Space Agency will launch a 1.4 billion space telescope to map billions of galaxies across the cosmos, providing essential clues for scientists trying to solve the mystery of the dark universe. The … Read more

The new Intel processor aims to put quantum technology in more hands

Intel Electron drops QPU

A new quantum processor built on silicon will soon be made available to a select few universities and other institutions across the United States, potentially giving more researchers the opportunity to tinker with quantum computing hardware firsthand. Made by computer chipmaker Intel, it is hoped that the new processor that offers twice as many qubits … Read more