Quantum Error Correction: Breaking the Break-Even Barrier

Quantum error correction goes beyond breaking even

From United States Department of Energy July 10, 2023 A logic qubit is embedded in the state space of a harmonic oscillator using the grid code, represented here by the faces of the cube. Quantum error correction protects these grid states from corruption caused by a noisy environment, symbolized by the beam. Credit: Image courtesy … Read more

Discovering the low energy breaking point for exotic Quark-Gluon Plasma creation

Mapping of nuclear phase changes

From United States Department of Energy July 2, 2023 A hypothesized phase diagram of nuclear matter. New data showing that high collision energies produce a quark-gluon plasma (QGP), whereas lower energy collisions do not, will help scientists draw the boundaries between QGP and the hadronic phase. Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory Through collisions of gold nuclei … Read more

BREAKING: Saturn’s rings shine in Webbs’ first stunning observations of the ringed planet

Saturn (Webb NIRCam)

Image of Saturn and some of its moons, captured by the James Webb Space Telescopes NIRCam instrument on June 25, 2023. In this monochrome image, the NIRCam F323N filter (3.23 micron) has been color-mapped with an orange hue. Credits: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, M. Tiscareno (SETI Institute), M. Hedman (University of Idaho), M. El Moutamid … Read more

“Stop Arguing” Space Weapons and Prepare for Conflict: Space Force General – Breaking Defense

Maj. Gen. David Miller

Space U.S. Space Force Maj. Gen. David Miller, director of the U.S. Space Command, Force Operations, Training and Development, addresses academic trade show attendees at the inaugural USSPACECOM event, March 8, 2022, held from the US Air Force Academy Falcon Club. (Mass Communications Specialist 1st Class John Philip Wagner, Jr.) WASHINGTON The Space Force urgently … Read more