As the climate warms, the United States allows the movement of endangered species as a last resort

In a photo provided by Roxanne Cruz-de Hoyos, Gabriel Trujillo conducts fieldwork for his doctorate in Arizona.  A search for him across North America was tragically cut short last week in Mexico, where Trujillo's father says he was shot seven times.  Authorities discovered his body on June 22 in the state of Sonora in northwestern Mexico, just days after her fiancé reported him missing.  (Roxanne Cruz-de Hoyos via AP)

Billings, Mont. (AP) US officials on Friday said they will make it easier for scientists move plants and animals outside their historical ranges as a last resort to save the species threatened with extinction from climate change. Relocations of species distressed by climate change have been done on a limited basis to date, including in … Read more

Wisconsin, the Midwest is no longer a climate change “haven”.

A photographer walks through the haze near Veterans Park as smoke from the Canadian wildfires continues to hang in the air in Milwaukee on Friday morning.  The air is still unhealthy but improving in Milwaukee as the record-breaking haze caused largely by wildfires begins to clear.

MADISON – The masks are back in Wisconsin this week. As smoke from Canadian wildfires blanketed the state, health officials urged people to wear face coverings previously worn en masse to reduce COVID-19 transmission if they had to spend time outdoors. This time they blocked the smoke particles. At Madison’s Pinney Library, staff have added … Read more

Because the impacts of climate change may make us less likely to cut emissions

A woman on an electric scooter rides past the smoke-engulfed New York skyline.

The fires raging in Canada’s southeastern province of Quebec are unprecedented. A hot, dry spring allowed tinder to build, and thunderstorms in early June lit the match, dramatically intensifying the 2023 fire season. As the smoke swept south, it created apocalyptic skies over the northeastern United States and placed more than 100 million people on … Read more

Climate change could leave island nations stateless

An aerial view of part of the small island Tuvalu surrounded by blue ocean water

The island nation of Tuvalu.INABA Tomoaki/Wikimedia Commons This story was originally published by Keeper and is reproduced here as part of the Climate window collaboration. Small island nations he’d rather fight than flee, but rising sea levels have prompted apocalyptic legal arguments about whether a state is still a state if its land disappears beneath … Read more

Fires and heatwaves a glimpse into our climate future

Data: NOAA HRRR, GFS;  Note: Smoke is from 2pm Eastern June 29, 2023;  Map: Erin Davis/Axios Visuals

Data: NOAA HRRR, GFS; Note: Smoke is from 2pm Eastern June 29, 2023; Map: Erin Davis/Axios Visuals The heat wave that is searing much of the United States, coupled with dangerously poor air quality from wildfire smoke, is giving Americans a preview of compound climate disasters that experts fear will become increasingly common as as … Read more

What smoke from Canadian wildfires and the Texas heat wave have in common: climate change

Smoke from a fire obscures the view from a skyscraper in Chicago.

Smoke from the wildfires obscures the view in Chicago on Thursday. (Scott Olson/Getty Images) With more than 120 million U.S. residents in the Midwest and Northeast under an air quality advisory and 60 million Southern residents under heat advisories Thursday, Americans are struggling with two different impacts caused by climate change. This is part of … Read more

Smoke from wildfires raises Michigan air quality and awareness of climate change

Faras Altareb of Chattanooga, left, takes pictures left as Saddam Ali from California looks at photos on Belle Isle as they celebrate Eid with Hamtramck's family on Wednesday, June 28, 2023. Heavy smoke billowed into Detroit after wildfires from Canada .

If there’s a silver lining to Canada’s smoky clouds this month, experts say, it’s that Michiganders and millions of Americans have gained a greater awareness of how air pollution affects them, how the Air Quality Index works air and the risks of climate change. Hopefully, said National Weather Service meteorologist Dave Kook, air quality alerts … Read more

Extreme heat is already straining Mexico’s electricity grid – Inside Climate News

Gina Jimnez

When Raquel Rubio’s 13-month-old baby developed a fever of 102 last week, she rushed to the doctor. Her son, Liam, had been in Rubio’s apartment without air conditioning for several hours; Nuevo Len, the Mexican state where she lives, had reached 40 degrees that day. The fever in the region could easily cause her child’s … Read more

In the UAE, sea turtles in distress are getting a helping hand

A girl carries a sea turtle to be released on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on Tuesday, June 6, 2023. As sea turtles around the world become more vulnerable due to climate change, the UAE is working to protect the creatures.  (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili)

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (AP) The baby sea turtle flapped its flippers as it was lowered into the ocean, only to be driven ashore by the strong tide. She tried again, and she did it this time, swimming fast and deep in the waters of the Persian Gulf that lap a series of beachside … Read more

Viral posts distort Greta Thunberg’s tweet to warn about climate change –

Viral posts distort Greta Thunberg's tweet to warn about climate change -

Quick grab A Harvard University professor warned in 2018 that steps to reduce carbon pollution and preserve Arctic ice would be needed over the next five years. Climate activist Greta Thunberg then shared a tweet that misquoted the professor. But recent social media posts have distorted Thunberg’s tweet by falsely claiming that she predicted human … Read more