A new AI system can decode the behaviors of fruit flies. Because this is crucial for future human genetics research

The fruit flies are shown being monitored by the AI ​​system

The MAFDA system can track individual flies within a larger group, identify behaviors, and compare those behaviors to fruit fly genotypes. (Photo by Tulane University) How to tell if a fruit fly is hungry? Ask a computer. While it may sound like a bad dad joke, it’s a reality at Tulane University, where researchers have … Read more

Foundation of all known life: Webb telescope detects crucial carbon molecule for first time

Webb Space Telescope Discovery of an Organic Molecule Concept Art

Scientists have detected a new carbon compound, methyl cation, for the first time in space using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. This compound, essential in the formation of complex carbon-based molecules, was found in a young star system in the Orion Nebula. The discovery could improve our understanding of the potential development of life beyond … Read more