Artemis 2 astronaut Jeremy Hansen says a Canadian will one day walk on the moon

The Canadian Artemis 2 astronaut says his country is just getting started in the lunar realms with its mission around the moon. Jeremy Hansen was named Canada’s representative on Artemis 2 on April 3, and within days, the seasoned test pilot found himself exploring new worlds: talking to Stephen Colbert, walking the red carpet at … Read more

Repairs may take a day or more in the event of a water outage affecting Somerville, Raritan

American New Jersey water workers continue to repair a broken water main on Route 206 in Somerville.

SOMERVILLE – New Jersey American Water continues work to repair a 36-inch water line on Route 206 in Somerville between Bridge Street and Orlando Drive that ruptured Friday afternoon, causing a significant loss of water pressure for customers in several towns in the county of Somerset. This is a very complicated outage on a major … Read more

Stressed all day and can’t sleep at night? The psychologist claims that *this* extract can solve both problems naturally

Jar of saffron threads next to a crocus flower

Have you ever had one of those nights where you get caught in a wheel of worries and can’t get back to sleep no matter what you try? Or maybe, with all that on your mind, you’re having trouble falling asleep in the first place. And then there’s the way stress can cause you to … Read more

The day after: NASA is recycling 98 percent of astronauts’ pee on the ISS into drinking water | Engadget

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NASA has hit a technological milestone, announcing that the International Space Station’s Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) is now recycling 98 percent of all the water astronauts bring on board. Advanced dehumidifiers capture moisture from the station crew’s breaths and sweats, while the urine processor assembly recovers water from astronaut urine through vacuum … Read more