Quantum physics in a leaf? Scientists discover the link between photosynthesis and the fifth state of matter

Abstract photosynthesis

Scientists discovered that natural photosynthesis has similar characteristics to condensed exciton, a frictionless energy state that typically requires extremely low temperatures. This insight can improve the design of the technology, potentially doubling energy efficiency. The UChicago researchers hope that exciton condensation islands could pave the way for new discoveries. Inside a laboratory, scientists marvel at … Read more

Life after death: Astronomers discover a mysterious planet that shouldn’t exist

Death-defying planet illustration

The Jupiter-like planet Halla survived the expansion of its sun Baekdus into a red giant, a process that should have engulfed it, according to astronomers at the University of Hawaii. The surprising survival suggests theories of planetary evolution, including potential origins of binary stars or Halla which is a newly formed second generation planet. Credit: … Read more

Astronomers discover the last three planets observed by NASA’s Kepler space telescope before dark

Final observing campaign of NASA's Kepler Space Telescope

With the help of citizen scientists, astronomers have discovered what may be the last three planets the Kepler Space Telescope saw before it was retired. This illustration depicts NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, which retired in October 2018, and three planets discovered in its final days of data. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech (K. Walbolt) In its last days … Read more

Cutting alcohol consumption in half Scientists discover a surprising side effect of the anti-obesity drug Semaglutide

Alcohol self-medication

A new study showed that Semaglutide, a drug used to treat obesity and diabetes, significantly reduced alcohol consumption and relapse rate in alcohol-dependent rats, promising its use in the treatment of human alcohol dependence . The drug appears to block alcohol-induced dopamine release in the brain’s reward system, which could potentially curb the rewarding effects … Read more