More potent than SSRIs Scientists develop two new drug candidates that could treat addiction and depression

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Scientists have developed two new drug candidates, inspired by a traditional African psychedelic medicinal plant called ibogaine, that can potentially treat addiction and depression in mice by targeting the serotonin transporter. These compounds mimic the desirable effects of ibogaine without its side effects, and more testing is underway to explore their therapeutic potential. The targeted … Read more

What to know about the drug price fight in those TV commercials

What to know about the drug price fight in those TV commercials

Pharmacy benefit managers are intermediaries who work with drug companies and insurers, helping set retail prices for the prescription drugs Americans rely on for their health. They are now the subject of a series of new bills in Congress. Robert F. Bukaty/AP hide caption toggle caption on/off Robert F. Bukaty/AP Pharmacy benefit managers are intermediaries … Read more

‘It allowed her to feel at ease’: Fear that dying patients could face greater suffering due to drug shortages

Jodi Adams said her daughter Cosette was able to die painlessly after receiving the drug.

Doctors fear dying patients could face more pain and suffering due to an anticipated shortage of a type of morphine. A drug called Order, a liquid form of the opioid used to treat severe pain, is expected to be stopped in Australia. It is given to people dying of cancer and suffering from other life-limiting … Read more

1 chart shows why you should care about the silent epidemic of ‘tranq’ street drug deaths

The image shows a teal syringe in front of a black background.  The tip of the needle has a drop of liquid hanging down.

Cris Cantu/Getty Images A new report from the CDC shows that there has been a 276% increase of xylazine in opioid overdoses. Xylazine, a veterinary tranquilizer, is increasingly being added to street drugs to create a euphoric effect. The CDC recommends using xylazine test strips to check street drugs for contamination before use. Xylazine, also … Read more

Addiction Drug Scripts Not Compiled Northern New Mexico – Source New Mexico

Addiction Drug Scripts Not Compiled Northern New Mexico - Source New Mexico

ESPAOLA Ronnie Flores feels more comfortable on the street talking to people who use drugs than people in the hospital who are being treated for substance use disorder. As a Peer Support Specialist at Presbyterian Espaola Hospital, Flores helps individuals suffering from substance use disorders related to opioids, stimulants and alcohol. Flores, who was born … Read more

Explained: How is the US cancer drug shortage linked to India?

How did an FDA inspection of an Indian pharmaceutical plant lead to a widespread shortage of chemotherapy drugs in the United States? Published: 03 July 2023, 19:48 IST The shortage of cancer drugs in the US has been linked to Indian pharmaceuticals. |) The shortage of cancer drugs in the US has been linked to … Read more

New Eli Lilly drug leads to 24% weight loss in study

Here we see an Eli Lilly office building.

Share on PinterestEli Lilly is studying a new weight loss drug. Cristina Arias/Cover/Getty Images A new drug under development led people to lose about 25% of their body weight in a recent study. The drug called retatrutide is a weekly injection. The researchers also found that the most common side effects of retatrutide were nausea, … Read more

Biden’s brother says the president is “very open-minded” about psychedelics for medical treatment

FILE - The artwork on display is seen at the Psychedelic Science conference at the Colorado Convention Center on Wednesday, June 21, 2023 in Denver.  Australia is the first country to allow psychiatrists to prescribe certain psychedelics to patients with depression or PTSD.  On Saturday July 1, Australian doctors can now prescribe doses of MDMA, also known as ecstasy, for PTSD.  (AP Photo/David Zalubowski, Files)

WASHINGTON (AP) President Joe Bidens The younger brother said in a radio interview Wednesday that the president has been very open in the conversations the two have had about the benefits of psychedelics as a form of medical treatment. Frank Biden made the comments during a call on the Michael Smerconish program on SiriusXM. The … Read more