Astronomers see time moving in slow motion in the early universe

Time moving slow motion: Swirling galaxy in pink and blue with jets up and down shooting out of the glowing center.

Quasar’s observations have allowed astronomers to see time move in slow motion. This is a prediction of Einstein’s special theory of relativity. Image via NASA/ ESA/ J. Olmsted (STScI). Geraint Lewis, University of Sydney According to our best understanding of physics, the fact that space is expanding should affect the apparent flow of time, with … Read more

Sun’s activity could peak 2 years early, frying satellites and causing radio blackouts by end of this year, experts say

An image of the sun shows a square protrusion jutting out from the sun like a waterfall

A “waterfall” of solar plasma has recently been spotted on the sun. Stranger solar phenomena have been observed recently as the sun approaches peak activity.Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau The sun is becoming more active and may peak activity sooner than expected. Solar maximum was predicted for 2025, but sunspot activity changed that. An unusual sunspot outburst … Read more