The inner planets are not expected to survive the expansions of dying stars. Somehow this did

When a red giant and a white dwarf merged to become Baekdu, a disk of debris would have been ejected.  It is possible that Haila formed from this record

Planet Haila accompanies a star that should, in the normal course of stellar evolution, have expanded well beyond Haila’s orbit before shrinking again. No planet could survive being engulfed by its star like that, leaving astronomers with a mystery they’re struggling to solve. As stars age, they swell to become red giants, before shedding their … Read more

Highly radioactive spill near Columbia River in E. Washington worse than expected

Workers began preparing to clean up a highly radioactive spill under the Hanford Site Building 324 near Richland and the Columbia River in 2017. The spill was recently found to be much larger than anticipated.

The leak of highly radioactive waste under a building on the Hanford Nuclear Preserve north of Richland and near the Columbia River is deeper and wider than expected. In a statement Thursday, the Energy Department said the soil contamination at the Hanford 324 Building 1,000 feet from the Columbia River and one mile north of … Read more

Stronger than expected: Gravitational waves from merging supermassive black holes heard for the first time

Illustration of merging black hole gravitational waves

After 15 years of observing pulsars, the NANOGrav collaboration has detected gravitational waves stronger than ever, likely produced by pairs of supermassive black holes. This groundbreaking discovery presents the first evidence of the background gravitational wave, which is surprisingly stronger than expected, perhaps indicating an abundance of supermassive black holes or alternative gravitational wave sources. … Read more

Smoke from Canadian wildfires is expected to decrease

The Fisher Building is barely visible through the haze and smoke, caused by the millions of acres burned by wildfires in Canada, in Midtown Detroit on Tuesday, June 27, 2023.

Michigan remained on air quality alert Wednesday, with experts warning that groups sensitive to pollution, especially seniors with chronic heart or lung disease, children and asthmatics could put their health at risk if they spend a lot of time outdoors, breathing in smoke-filled air from Canadian forest fires. “Today we will be monitoring air quality … Read more

Rising sea levels are likely to wreak havoc much sooner than expected

There is a group of white people in autumn clothes standing near a swamp with measuring tools.  It's a sunny day

Professor David Burdick and his students measure potential sea level changes.Bill Butcher/USFWS/Wikimedia Commons This story was originally published by Hakai magazine and is reproduced here as part of the Climate window collaboration. Around the world, communities are preparing for sea level rise: The Netherlands is stabilizing its dykes, Senegal is relocating neighborhoods, and Indonesia is … Read more