Beer Dancing Peanuts Explained


July 12, 2023• Physics 16, 121 The buildup and bursting of carbon dioxide bubbles can cause a peanut to float and sink repeatedly in a glass of beer. The process can help understand phenomena in terrestrial magmas. M. Schmit/Ludwig Maximilian University Bubbles build up on the surface of a peanut when it’s dropped into a … Read more

Explained: How is the US cancer drug shortage linked to India?

How did an FDA inspection of an Indian pharmaceutical plant lead to a widespread shortage of chemotherapy drugs in the United States? Published: 03 July 2023, 19:48 IST The shortage of cancer drugs in the US has been linked to Indian pharmaceuticals. |) The shortage of cancer drugs in the US has been linked to … Read more

NASA’s solar storm ‘Internet Apocalypse’ alert explained

solar flare

Illustration via Getty Images This warning is not new, we have been told for some years that there is a strong likelihood that a powerful solar storm could potentially disrupt the internet for an extended period of time. But if you think; “Oh well, I could do with some time away from social media” is … Read more