Breakthrough Cosmology: The Role of 21-cm Forest Probes in Deciphering Dark Matter

Exploring the Forest of Dark Matter

Explore dark matter and the first galaxies at the same time as the 21cm forest. This approach can help constrain the properties of dark matter and provide insight into the thermal history of the universe. Credit: NAOC & NEU Simultaneously exploring dark matter and the first luminous galaxies: a 21-cm forestry probe could reveal the … Read more

How dare they? The swift parrot slowly loses critical habitat as Tasmania clears native forest

Wilderness photographer Rob Blakers next to felled trees in Tasmania's Eastern Tiers.

Rob Blakers has been a landscape and nature photographer in Tasmania for more than four decades. He specializes in taking the time to capture images in the depths of the state’s wilderness that others won’t or can’t. Last summer he spent time in the Eastern Tiers Forest Reserve, about a two-hour drive northeast of Hobart, … Read more