Identification of the function of genes involved in the formation of excreted vesicles in Acanthamoeba castellanii containing Legionella pneumophila – Parasites and vectors

Figure 1

Identification of upregulated genes in Legionella-infected Acanthamoeba Previously, we performed RNA sequencing to identify DEGs in A. castellanii even the engulfed one Escherichia coli OR L. pneumophila [22]. Among these DEGs, we identified a total of six upregulated DEGs A. castellanii Castellani post-L. pneumophila ingestion (A + L/A), which were associated with phagosomal maturation (Table … Read more

ASU student wants Jews in Greater Phoenix to be curious about their genes

Daniel Gottlieb, a graduate student in Arizona State University’s genetic counseling program, hopes Ashkenazi Jews in Greater Phoenix will take the time to fill out his carefully crafted needs assessment survey. He hopes to ascertain how much knowledge people already have about genetics and whether they intend to act on that information. I want to … Read more