There’s a giant gravity hole in the Indian Ocean, and maybe we’ll finally know why

Map showing the gravitational depression in blue under the Indian Ocean and the location of the seismometers deployed on the seabed.

The pull of gravity is a constant on Earth, but our planet is not a uniform sphere. It’s covered in lumps and bumps, with geology of varying density that tugs at nearby landmasses with slightly different degrees of strength in an undulating map known as a geoid. Deep in the Indian Ocean, that pull weakens … Read more

The Euclid space mission is ready to launch, here’s how it will test alternative theories of gravity

Gravitational lensing in the Abell 1689 galaxy cluster.

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Euclid mission will be launched into space on a Falcon9 rocket by SpaceX on or shortly after July 1. Many of us who worked on it will be in Florida to witness the nail-biting event. The mission is specifically designed to study the dark universe, probing for both dark matter … Read more