Right now you can see a huge sunspot 7 times wider than Earth, but be careful!

A huge sunspot seven times larger than Earth is currently visible to the naked eye. But sky watchers should remember to protect their eyes when looking at the sun if they intend to catch a glimpse of the feature before it fades. The tremendous dark spot on the sun, designated AR3354, will disappear on Sunday … Read more

The universe is rippled by a faint ‘gravitational-wave background’ created by colliding black holes, suggests huge international study

On June 29, five independent groups of radio astronomers released a series of papers presenting evidence that the universe is filled with gravitational waves created by colliding supermassive black holes. THE North American, European, Indian, Chinese AND Australian the teams monitored rapidly rotating dead stars known as pulsars to gather information about gravitational waves. “The … Read more

Killer whales generally pose no threat to humans, but any encounter with a huge wild animal has its risks

People on a boat watching an orca swim towards them.

Killer whales are curious animals that will approach your boat.Portland Press Herald / Contributor / Getty Images Killer whales have struck, and in some cases sunk, ocean-going vessels near Spain and Portugal. In general, killer whales in the wild pose no threat to humans. But boat encounters are still dangerous and swimming with a huge … Read more

Story of a Fish: A Storm, 2 Friends and a Huge Tarpon Struggled to Shore the Folly Beach Pier

FOLLY BEACH Phillip Sullivan knows fishing gets better when storms approach the Charleston coast. So, on the blustery afternoon of June 19, he had several rods at the end of the Folly Beach Fishing Pier, including three king rigs with multiple hooks meant to hook something big. Menhaden was the bait of choice on that … Read more