Mars has liquid insides and strange insides, suggests InSight Ars Technica

Image of a lander on a reddish dry planet, showing two circular solar arrays and an array of instruments.

Zoom in / Artist’s impression of what InSight would look like after landing. Mars appears to be a frozen expanse of red dust, gaping craters and rocky terrain on the outside, but what lies beneath its windswept surface? NASA’s InSight lander may have discovered it before it took its proverbial last breaths in a dust … Read more

No more crying over rotten onions? Researchers gain insight into bacteria that threaten Vidalia onion production

Kvitko's onion field

image: Dr. Brian Kvitko counts onions in the field. visualization Moreover Credit: Dr. Brian Kvitko The Vidalia onion is a trademarked sweet onion variety that by law can only be grown in several counties in Georgia. These valuable vegetables are currently threatened by the bacterial pathogen Pantoea ananatis, which seriously damages the plant by rotting … Read more

New opioid deprescribing guidelines – InSight+

New Opioid Deprescribing Guidelines - Featured Image

New evidence-based clinical guidelines for opioid deprescribing were published in Medical Journal of Australia. Australian researchers have published the first evidence-based clinical guidelines for opioid deprescribing, a crucial step to help general practitioners reduce opioid use in their patients. Published in Medical Journal of Australia Today, Dr Aili Langford and her colleagues at the University … Read more