New Eli Lilly drug leads to 24% weight loss in study

Here we see an Eli Lilly office building.

Share on PinterestEli Lilly is studying a new weight loss drug. Cristina Arias/Cover/Getty Images A new drug under development led people to lose about 25% of their body weight in a recent study. The drug called retatrutide is a weekly injection. The researchers also found that the most common side effects of retatrutide were nausea, … Read more

TTUHSC-TTU research collaboration leads to possible drug targets for leishmaniasis


image: TTUHSC Andrey Karamyshev, Ph.D., (left) and TTU Zemfira Karamysheva, Ph.D., investigated the molecular mechanisms responsible for producing antimony drug resistance in Leishmania parasites. Their study was published in May by Nature Communications. visualization Moreover Credit: TUHSC Leishmaniasis is a tropical disease caused by parasites known as leishmania, which are transmitted to humans and animals … Read more