A glimpse into the quantum realm: MIT physicists generate first snapshots of fermion pairs

Fermion pair particle physics concept

MIT physicists have successfully imaged the pairings of particles in a cloud of atoms, providing new insights into the behavior of electrons in superconducting materials. The discovery, documented in the journal Science, could help understand superconductivity and the further development of heatless electronics. (Artists concept.) The images shed light on how electrons form superconducting pairs … Read more

Farewell to the master of quantum puzzles: MIT theoretical physics giant Roman Jackiw dies at 83

Jackie Romano

Roman Jackiw (1939-2023), chairman of the Jerrold Zacharias Physics Department and professor emeritus. His career spanned over fifty years at MIT, where he made substantial contributions to quantum field theory and discovered various topological and geometric phenomena. He was renowned for his fundamental discoveries in classical quantum field theories, with one significant achievement being the … Read more