Life after death: Astronomers discover a mysterious planet that shouldn’t exist

Death-defying planet illustration

The Jupiter-like planet Halla survived the expansion of its sun Baekdus into a red giant, a process that should have engulfed it, according to astronomers at the University of Hawaii. The surprising survival suggests theories of planetary evolution, including potential origins of binary stars or Halla which is a newly formed second generation planet. Credit: … Read more

We finally know how the mysterious Geminids meteor shower originated Ars Technica

Image of streaks in a night sky.

Zoom in / The Geminids put on a show every year. Every year, skywatchers can watch the Geminids dart across the night sky from mid-November to late December. However, this meteor shower is highly unusual, and not just because it’s one of the easiest to see. Meteor showers usually come from comets flying close to … Read more