The new quantum theory of light-induced matter opens the door to cutting-edge optical technologies

Schematic illustration of the light-induced phase of molecules

Schematic illustration of time-resolved spectroscopy for the light-induced phase of molecules proposed on the basis of the new quantum theory. The emission signal is collected in the detector after the laser pulses excite the molecules, producing multidimensional images of exciton dynamics in the real-time domain. Credit: Dr. Zhedong Zhang/City University of Hong Kong A new … Read more

Human Embryo-Like Model Derived from Stem Cells Opens New Paths for Research – Neuroscience News

This shows the cells.

Summary: The researchers developed a model derived from human embryonic stem cells in the laboratory. This innovative model, created from pluripotent stem cells, allows for the experimental modeling of embryonic development during the second week of pregnancy, a critical period often associated with pregnancy termination. The research aims to improve our understanding of genetic diseases, … Read more