Quantum breakthrough: first ever entanglement of microwaves and optical photons

Artist's impression of the experimental device with the optical photons of the beam entering and exiting the electro-optical crystal

Artist’s impression of the experimental device with optical beam photons (red) entering and exiting the electro-optic crystal and resonating within its circular portion, as well as generated microwave photons (blue) leaving the device. Credit: Eli Krantz, Krantz NanoArt For the first time, ISTA researchers have entangled microwaves and optical photons. Quantum computing has the potential … Read more

The new quantum theory of light-induced matter opens the door to cutting-edge optical technologies

Schematic illustration of the light-induced phase of molecules

Schematic illustration of time-resolved spectroscopy for the light-induced phase of molecules proposed on the basis of the new quantum theory. The emission signal is collected in the detector after the laser pulses excite the molecules, producing multidimensional images of exciton dynamics in the real-time domain. Credit: Dr. Zhedong Zhang/City University of Hong Kong A new … Read more

The digital future can count on optical electronics and ultra-fast computers

one hand holds a bundle of optical fibers between thumb and forefinger

If you’ve ever wished you had a faster phone, computer, or internet connection, you’ve come across the personal experience of reaching a technology limit. But there may be help on the way. Over the past few decades, scientists and engineers like myself have worked to develop faster transistors, the electronic components underpinning modern electronic and … Read more