Mammalian Evolution: A Genetic Time Capsule Revealing the Origins of Human Diseases

Human genetic diseases concept art

Researchers at the UNC School of Medicine are using evolutionary genomics to understand human disease. They focus on genes that are unchanged and highly constrained through mammalian evolution. This new perspective makes it possible to trace psychiatric and neurological disorders to alterations in these genes. This could provide insights into various mental health conditions and … Read more

The Neanderthal handshake: unraveling the genetic origins of Viking disease

Vikings disease folded hand

A ring finger stuck in a bent position as seen in Dupuytrens disease, colloquially known as Viking disease. Credit: Hugo Zeberg/Molecular Biology and Evolution Dupuytrens disease, a hand disorder common among Northern Europeans, has genetic ties to Neanderthals, according to a study in Molecular Biology and Evolution. Three of the 61 genetic risk variants for … Read more