Cosmic paradigm shift: New research doubles age of universes to 26.7 billion years

Vast universe concept art

A new study suggests that the universe may be 26.7 billion years old, nearly double the widely accepted age of 13.7 billion years. The new model, which incorporates Zwicky’s tired light theory and Dirac’s evolving coupling constants, could explain the existence of small mature galaxies that formed just 300 million years after the Big Bang … Read more

A Big Leap in Quantum Computing with a Magnetic Breakthrough A New Paradigm

Electronic fractionation

This artist’s impression shows the splitting of electrons in which strongly interacting charges can split into three parts in the fractional quantum anomalous Hall phase. Credit: Eric Anderson/University of Washington A[{” attribute=””>University of Washington-led team has made a key quantum computing breakthrough by detecting fractional quantum anomalous Hall states in semiconductor material flakes, which could … Read more