Female physicists are not represented in the media and this lack of representation hurts the field of physics

A young woman with folded hands standing in front of a large plant and wearing a skirt, blouse and hat.

Christopher Nolan Oppenheimer’s highly anticipated film, to be released July 21, 2023, depicts J. Robert Oppenheimer and his role in the development of the atomic bomb. But while the Manhattan Project wouldn’t have been possible without the work of many expert female scientists, the only women seen in the film’s trailer are hanging out the … Read more

Quantum physics in a leaf? Scientists discover the link between photosynthesis and the fifth state of matter

Abstract photosynthesis

Scientists discovered that natural photosynthesis has similar characteristics to condensed exciton, a frictionless energy state that typically requires extremely low temperatures. This insight can improve the design of the technology, potentially doubling energy efficiency. The UChicago researchers hope that exciton condensation islands could pave the way for new discoveries. Inside a laboratory, scientists marvel at … Read more

The physics of cancer takes shape


Liesbeth MC Janssen Department of Applied Physics, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands July 10, 2023• Physics 16, 114 A concept in condensed matter physics called jamming provides a possible prognostic tool for cancer. Figure 1: Gottheil and colleagues present a state diagram linking tumor cell morphology to their motility [1]. Cell nuclei are … Read more

Webb spots most distant active supermassive black hole | Digital Trends

In addition to observing specific objects such as galaxies and distant planets here in our solar system, the James Webb Space Telescope is also used to perform large-scale surveys of parts of the sky. These surveys look at large swathes of the sky to identify important targets such as very distant and very ancient galaxies, … Read more

A new kind of quantum computer could be built on the strange physics of sound waves

diagram of the sound beam crossing and reflected by a splitter

When you turn on a lamp to light up a room, you’re experiencing light energy transmitted as photons, which are small, discrete quantum packets of energy. These photons have to obey the sometimes strange laws of quantum mechanics, which, for example, dictate that photons are indivisible, but at the same time allow a photon to … Read more

Farewell to the master of quantum puzzles: MIT theoretical physics giant Roman Jackiw dies at 83

Jackie Romano

Roman Jackiw (1939-2023), chairman of the Jerrold Zacharias Physics Department and professor emeritus. His career spanned over fifty years at MIT, where he made substantial contributions to quantum field theory and discovered various topological and geometric phenomena. He was renowned for his fundamental discoveries in classical quantum field theories, with one significant achievement being the … Read more