1 chart shows why you should care about the silent epidemic of ‘tranq’ street drug deaths

The image shows a teal syringe in front of a black background.  The tip of the needle has a drop of liquid hanging down.

Cris Cantu/Getty Images A new report from the CDC shows that there has been a 276% increase of xylazine in opioid overdoses. Xylazine, a veterinary tranquilizer, is increasingly being added to street drugs to create a euphoric effect. The CDC recommends using xylazine test strips to check street drugs for contamination before use. Xylazine, also … Read more

Baseline editing shows potential superiority for treating sickle cell disease

St. Jude Hematology

image: (Left to right) Co-corresponding author Mitchell Weiss, MD, Ph.D., St. Jude Department of Hematology chair and co-corresponding author Jonathan Yen, Ph.D., St. Jude Therapeutic Genome engineering director at a microscope in the laboratory. visualization Moreover Credit: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Gene therapy that alters hemoglobin genes may be a response to treatment for … Read more

Microsoft’s new quantum computer shows why they’re so hard to build

The bits won’t stay still Fact verified by Jerri Ledford A new paper from Microsoft describes a more reliable way to make quantum computers. Advance uses a new type of matter. Some experts say Microsoft’s findings need to be confirmed. Microsoft scientists say they’ve made an advance that brings practical quantum computers one step closer … Read more