Hundreds of sick sea lions reported along Ventura, Santa Barbara coast

Hundreds of sick and dying sea lions have been showing up along the Southern California coast in recent weeks.  Experts say a toxic algal bloom is likely to blame.

Wildlife officials warned Friday that rescue and rehabilitation centers are being inundated as hundreds of sick sea lions continue to turn up along the southern California coast. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officials have called it a large-scale stranding event that they suspect is due to the toxicity of domoic acid. Sick and dead wildlife … Read more

“Unprecedented” numbers of dead and sick sea lions wash up on famous California beaches

A seal on a beach in California.

A sea lion on a beach near the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro, California. Photo: Los Angeles Unified School District Hundreds of sea lions and dolphins are washing up dead or sick on California beaches from an offshore toxic algae bloom, officials warn. Drive the news: The Marine Mammal Care Center, which serves … Read more

Eat these foods when you’re sick, according to one nutritionist

Eat these foods when you're sick, according to one nutritionist

Every summer, come Colorado rain or shine, our whole family gets sick. It’s like back-to-school season plays a preemptive joke, reminding us to nurture a healthy immune system year-round. Universe, I see you. But when sickness strikes during the warmer months, what are the best foods to eat when sick? Spoiler alert: A few scoops … Read more