Webb spots most distant active supermassive black hole | Digital Trends

In addition to observing specific objects such as galaxies and distant planets here in our solar system, the James Webb Space Telescope is also used to perform large-scale surveys of parts of the sky. These surveys look at large swathes of the sky to identify important targets such as very distant and very ancient galaxies, … Read more

Astrophotography in July 2023: what to photograph in the night sky next month

With little or no astronomical darkness in early July in northern latitudes, some astrophotographers might think this month is a cancellation for night sky imaging. Not like that! July is one of the best few months of the year to bring the Milky Way high in the sky as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere and … Read more

Follow comet E1 Atlas across the July sky

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Comet C/2023 E1 ATLAS skirts the north pole for Northern Hemisphere summer observers. When it comes to comets, even the best predictions can often betray reality. Bright comets can fade as they approach the Sun, and fainter comets that wouldn’t normally merit a second glance, many suddenly brighten into view. Thankfully, the former appears to … Read more