Enceladus, Saturn’s icy moon: a study demonstrates the existence of a key element for life in the outer solar system

Saturn Moon Enceladus With Plume

Saturn’s moon Enceladus with plume. Through cracks in Enceladus’ ice crust, icy cryovolcanic jets erupt into space. Grains of ice are generated by the global ocean beneath the ice sheet several kilometers thick. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/Kevin M. Gill Researchers from the Freie Universitt Berlin have discovered phosphorus in the subsurface of the ocean[{” attribute=””>Saturns moon Enceladus. … Read more

China is on track to meet its wind and solar energy target five years ahead of schedule

A coal-fired power plant in Shanghai

According to a report, China is strengthening its position as a world leader in renewable energy and potentially exceeding its own ambitious energy targets. China is expected to double its capacity and produce 1,200 gigawatts of energy through wind and solar power by 2025, meeting its 2030 goal five years early, according to the report … Read more

Head of EPA, Vermont Officials Announce National Solar for All Program in Waterbury – VTDigger

a group of people standing in front of a podium.

Michael Regan, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, center, speaks about a new $7 billion Solar for All grant competition to fund residential solar programs at a press conference at SunCommon in Waterbury on Wednesday, June 28. Photo by Glenn Russell/VTDigger WATERBURY A cast of prominent politicians gathered at SunCommon headquarters Wednesday afternoon to announce … Read more

Can NASA’s solar storm studies avert the ‘internet apocalypse’?

August 12, 2018 - A United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy lifts off from Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Sunday, .  Aboard the rocket is the Parker Solar Probe on a mission to the Sun. Delta IV launch

The emergence of an imminent solar storm has brought with it the remote possibility that within the next decade, people on Earth could be without Internet access for months. If the Internet fails on such a large scale, the consequences could be devastating causing billions of dollars of losses per day to the US economy … Read more

NASA’s solar storm ‘Internet Apocalypse’ alert explained

solar flare

Illustration via Getty Images This warning is not new, we have been told for some years that there is a strong likelihood that a powerful solar storm could potentially disrupt the internet for an extended period of time. But if you think; “Oh well, I could do with some time away from social media” is … Read more

Radiant Fury: The sun unleashes a powerful X1.0-class solar flare

Solar flare June 2023

On June 20, 2023, the Sun emitted a strong solar flare, which was captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. Credit: NASA/SDO The Sun emitted a strong solar flare, peaking at 13:09[{” attribute=””>EDT on June 20, 2023. NASAs Solar Dynamics Observatory, which watches the Sun constantly, captured an image of the event. A solar flare is … Read more

A nearby supernova nearly destroyed the solar system before it could form

Universe Today

Way back in time, about 4.6 billion years ago, our Sun and planets were busily forming nestled inside a cloud of gas and dust. Not far away a supernova exploded that threatened to tear everything apart. Fortunately, a filament of molecular gas protected the newborn Solar System from imminent destruction. A team of astronomers at … Read more