Mars has liquid insides and strange insides, suggests InSight Ars Technica

Image of a lander on a reddish dry planet, showing two circular solar arrays and an array of instruments.

Zoom in / Artist’s impression of what InSight would look like after landing. Mars appears to be a frozen expanse of red dust, gaping craters and rocky terrain on the outside, but what lies beneath its windswept surface? NASA’s InSight lander may have discovered it before it took its proverbial last breaths in a dust … Read more

The universe is rippled by a faint ‘gravitational-wave background’ created by colliding black holes, suggests huge international study

On June 29, five independent groups of radio astronomers released a series of papers presenting evidence that the universe is filled with gravitational waves created by colliding supermassive black holes. THE North American, European, Indian, Chinese AND Australian the teams monitored rapidly rotating dead stars known as pulsars to gather information about gravitational waves. “The … Read more

Data suggests that Britain’s best years for recycling electronics are already behind us

E-waste is a big problem. We’re sitting on piles of old electronics, PC parts, and peripherals, and I admit I’m extremely guilty of keeping these things around when I shouldn’t. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to recycle your tech, for free, that we probably should be using more than we do today. In the … Read more

Neanderthals created Europe’s oldest ‘intentional’ carvings up to 75,000 years ago, study suggests

Study researchers Trine Freiesleben and Jean-Claude Marquet discuss fingerprints and where to take samples of optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) so they can date the artwork. (Image credit: Credit: Kristina Thomsen; (CC-BY 4.0)) The oldest known carvings in Europe, discovered in a French cave sealed for tens of thousands of years, were likely not made by … Read more