Quadruple Shot: Unraveling the mysteries of dark matter with a multiple-image gravitational lensing supernova

Zoom in on Supernova Zwicky

Zwicky supernova zoom: starting with a small portion of the Palomar ZTF camera, one of 64 quadrants, each of which contain tens of thousands of stars and galaxies, the zoom takes us to detailed explorations carried out with the largest and sharpest VLT and Keck telescopes in Chile and Hawaii, respectively. In the better resolved … Read more

A nearby supernova nearly destroyed the solar system before it could form

Universe Today

Way back in time, about 4.6 billion years ago, our Sun and planets were busily forming nestled inside a cloud of gas and dust. Not far away a supernova exploded that threatened to tear everything apart. Fortunately, a filament of molecular gas protected the newborn Solar System from imminent destruction. A team of astronomers at … Read more