The inner planets are not expected to survive the expansions of dying stars. Somehow this did

When a red giant and a white dwarf merged to become Baekdu, a disk of debris would have been ejected.  It is possible that Haila formed from this record

Planet Haila accompanies a star that should, in the normal course of stellar evolution, have expanded well beyond Haila’s orbit before shrinking again. No planet could survive being engulfed by its star like that, leaving astronomers with a mystery they’re struggling to solve. As stars age, they swell to become red giants, before shedding their … Read more

How coral reefs can survive climate change

How coral reefs can survive climate change

Similar to expeditions a hundred or two hundred years ago, the Tara Pacific Expedition lasted more than two years. The objective: to research the conditions for the life and survival of corals. The ship traversed the entire Pacific Ocean, assembling the largest genetic inventory conducted in any marine system to date. Image credit: University of … Read more

Is the herd of wild horses at Theodore Roosevelt National Park big enough to survive?

The horses stand on and at the foot of a hillock.

MEDORA, ND The wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park are enclosed within a perimeter fence which prevents the herd from breeding with outside horses to diversify their bloodlines. For decades, official park policy has been to limit herd size to 35-60 horses, a size experts say is too small to guarantee a genetically viable … Read more