Enceladus, Saturn’s icy moon: a study demonstrates the existence of a key element for life in the outer solar system

Saturn Moon Enceladus With Plume

Saturn’s moon Enceladus with plume. Through cracks in Enceladus’ ice crust, icy cryovolcanic jets erupt into space. Grains of ice are generated by the global ocean beneath the ice sheet several kilometers thick. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/Kevin M. Gill Researchers from the Freie Universitt Berlin have discovered phosphorus in the subsurface of the ocean[{” attribute=””>Saturns moon Enceladus. … Read more

A new AI system can decode the behaviors of fruit flies. Because this is crucial for future human genetics research

The fruit flies are shown being monitored by the AI ​​system

The MAFDA system can track individual flies within a larger group, identify behaviors, and compare those behaviors to fruit fly genotypes. (Photo by Tulane University) How to tell if a fruit fly is hungry? Ask a computer. While it may sound like a bad dad joke, it’s a reality at Tulane University, where researchers have … Read more

PacBio’s Revio System Enables Bioscientia to Scale Long-Read Whole Genome Sequencing and Unravel Mysteries of Rare Diseases – PacBio

(PRNewsfoto/Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc.)

Bioscientia Acquires Multiple Revio Sequencing Systems to Revolutionize Rare Disease Research by Sequencing Thousands of Long-Read Human Genomes Each Year MENLO PARK, Calif., June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —PacBio, a leading developer of high-quality, highly accurate sequencing solutions, today announced that Bioscientia is using its Revio long-read sequencing systems to expand its genomics research projects and … Read more

Viewpoint: It’s time for transparency How promoting the supposed benefits of organic food misleads shoppers and undermines our agricultural system

Viewpoint: It's time for transparency How promoting the supposed benefits of organic food misleads shoppers and undermines our agricultural system

RMore predictable howls from organic lobbyists greeted this year’s recent decision to allow temporary use of neon dressings on sugar beet crops to protect against yellow virus disease. It is not credible to say that an exemption is temporary or emergency when used year after year. For how many years will the bans on these … Read more

A nearby supernova nearly destroyed the solar system before it could form

Universe Today

Way back in time, about 4.6 billion years ago, our Sun and planets were busily forming nestled inside a cloud of gas and dust. Not far away a supernova exploded that threatened to tear everything apart. Fortunately, a filament of molecular gas protected the newborn Solar System from imminent destruction. A team of astronomers at … Read more