Discovery of photonic time crystal could have profound implications for optics, lead to disruptive new technology – The Debrief

photonic time crystals

The generation of photonic time crystals in the near-visible spectrum has been demonstrated under novel conditions, according to a team of researchers who say the breakthrough could have significant implications for the science of light and could lead to the development of disruptive new technologies. Time crystals are quantum systems made up of repetitively moving … Read more

Astronomers see time moving in slow motion in the early universe

Time moving slow motion: Swirling galaxy in pink and blue with jets up and down shooting out of the glowing center.

Quasar’s observations have allowed astronomers to see time move in slow motion. This is a prediction of Einstein’s special theory of relativity. Image via NASA/ ESA/ J. Olmsted (STScI). Geraint Lewis, University of Sydney According to our best understanding of physics, the fact that space is expanding should affect the apparent flow of time, with … Read more

Wild astronomical discovery confirms that Einstein was right about time itself

Albert Einstein, German-Swiss-American mathematician and physicist, 1940. Einstein (1879-1955) in h...

Time dilation: It’s a staple of science fiction, and whether you’re familiar with the term or not, you’ve probably encountered it in print media or film. It flies quite fast at the speed of light, and your experience of time is slower than that of someone left on Earth, such that years may pass for … Read more

For the first time: Scientists analyze a single atom with X-rays

Technique for the analysis of single atoms

The new capability for single atom analysis combines the X-ray beams of the Argonnes advanced photon source and atomic-scale imaging possible with a scanning tunneling microscopy probe. Credit: Argonne National Laboratory The new X-ray capability could find wide application in environmental and medical research, as well as in the development of batteries and microelectronic devices. … Read more

Out of Time: Temperature records collapse around the world

INTERACTIVE- Heatwaves around the world

Despite record heat, critics warn of a worrying lack of momentum during climate talks with little progress being made on key issues like fossil fuels and finance. The goal of keeping long-term global warming to within 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 Fahrenheit) is spiraling out of reach, climate experts say, with nations failing to set more … Read more

Stronger than expected: Gravitational waves from merging supermassive black holes heard for the first time

Illustration of merging black hole gravitational waves

After 15 years of observing pulsars, the NANOGrav collaboration has detected gravitational waves stronger than ever, likely produced by pairs of supermassive black holes. This groundbreaking discovery presents the first evidence of the background gravitational wave, which is surprisingly stronger than expected, perhaps indicating an abundance of supermassive black holes or alternative gravitational wave sources. … Read more

Mammalian Evolution: A Genetic Time Capsule Revealing the Origins of Human Diseases

Human genetic diseases concept art

Researchers at the UNC School of Medicine are using evolutionary genomics to understand human disease. They focus on genes that are unchanged and highly constrained through mammalian evolution. This new perspective makes it possible to trace psychiatric and neurological disorders to alterations in these genes. This could provide insights into various mental health conditions and … Read more

For the first time, starlight from quasar galaxies has been detected at the dawn of the universe

For the first time, starlight from quasar galaxies has been detected at the dawn of the universe

For the first time, starlight has been detected in galaxies that burn brightly with the fury of fueling black holes in the first billion years of the Universe’s existence. It stands to reason that these active supermassive black holes known as quasars would have galaxies around them. But spanning such vast distances, any starlight within … Read more

Chicago’s air pollution crisis sheds light on what some neighborhoods face all the time, experts say

Chicago's air pollution crisis sheds light on what some neighborhoods face all the time, experts say

CHICAGO Chicago’s air quality, which has been some of the worst on Earth this week, is expected to improve in the coming days as a storm system clears smoke from the region. But the breathing difficulties and long-term health concerns all Chicagoans have experienced this week are nothing new to residents of the city’s most … Read more