Unlock the mysteries of dark matter through gravitational waves

Gravitational wave dark matter astrophysics illustration

The researchers have revealed that observing gravitational waves from merging black holes can provide new insights into the nature of dark matter, according to findings presented at the 2023 National Astronomy Meeting. The international team used computer simulations to study the generation of gravitational wave signals in universes simulated with different types of dark matter. … Read more

Zircons unlock Earth’s ancient history: Life sprung from a stagnant lid, not plate tectonics

Earth's crust billions of years ago

Plate tectonics involves the horizontal movement and interaction of large plates on the earth’s surface. Shifting plate tectonics, thought to be necessary for the creation of a habitable planet, did not occur on Earth 3.9 billion years ago, new research indicates. Credit: University of Rochester illustration / Michael Osadciw A University of Rochester study using … Read more