Unraveling invisible particles: Physicists use water to detect neutrinos

Detection of neutrinos from nuclear reactors with water

The SNO+ detector at a depth of 2 kilometers in a mine in Ontario, Canada. The image shows the ropes holding the 12 m diameter acrylic vessel filled with 1,000 tons of water and the light sensors that detect a small amount of light from neutrino interactions. Credit: Image courtesy of the SNO+ Collaboration For … Read more

Quadruple Shot: Unraveling the mysteries of dark matter with a multiple-image gravitational lensing supernova

Zoom in on Supernova Zwicky

Zwicky supernova zoom: starting with a small portion of the Palomar ZTF camera, one of 64 quadrants, each of which contain tens of thousands of stars and galaxies, the zoom takes us to detailed explorations carried out with the largest and sharpest VLT and Keck telescopes in Chile and Hawaii, respectively. In the better resolved … Read more

The Neanderthal handshake: unraveling the genetic origins of Viking disease

Vikings disease folded hand

A ring finger stuck in a bent position as seen in Dupuytrens disease, colloquially known as Viking disease. Credit: Hugo Zeberg/Molecular Biology and Evolution Dupuytrens disease, a hand disorder common among Northern Europeans, has genetic ties to Neanderthals, according to a study in Molecular Biology and Evolution. Three of the 61 genetic risk variants for … Read more

Unraveling a quantum puzzle: how tantalum improves qubit performance

Quantum processor technology

Scientists have found that tantalum, a superconducting metal, significantly improves the performance of qubits in quantum computers. Using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, they found that the tantalum oxide layer on the qubits was not uniform, prompting further investigations into how to modify these interfaces to improve overall device performance. Researchers decode the chemical profile of surface … Read more