Wild astronomical discovery confirms that Einstein was right about time itself

Albert Einstein, German-Swiss-American mathematician and physicist, 1940. Einstein (1879-1955) in h...

Time dilation: It’s a staple of science fiction, and whether you’re familiar with the term or not, you’ve probably encountered it in print media or film. It flies quite fast at the speed of light, and your experience of time is slower than that of someone left on Earth, such that years may pass for … Read more

Killer whales generally pose no threat to humans, but any encounter with a huge wild animal has its risks

People on a boat watching an orca swim towards them.

Killer whales are curious animals that will approach your boat.Portland Press Herald / Contributor / Getty Images Killer whales have struck, and in some cases sunk, ocean-going vessels near Spain and Portugal. In general, killer whales in the wild pose no threat to humans. But boat encounters are still dangerous and swimming with a huge … Read more

Is the herd of wild horses at Theodore Roosevelt National Park big enough to survive?

The horses stand on and at the foot of a hillock.

MEDORA, ND The wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park are enclosed within a perimeter fence which prevents the herd from breeding with outside horses to diversify their bloodlines. For decades, official park policy has been to limit herd size to 35-60 horses, a size experts say is too small to guarantee a genetically viable … Read more

Genetic-Based Healing: Trying Wild Health, here are my thoughts after 30 days

Genetic-Based Healing: Trying Wild Health, here are my thoughts after 30 days

Photo credit: Wild Health Powered by: Do you like morning chalk? Access additional exclusive interviews, analysis and stories with an Rx subscription. Personalized health care, guided by your genetics. This is the slogan of Wild Health, a precision medicine service that helps achieve optimal health by providing personalized care based on genetics. Unsurprisingly if the … Read more