What smoke from Canadian wildfires and the Texas heat wave have in common: climate change

Smoke from a fire obscures the view from a skyscraper in Chicago.

Smoke from the wildfires obscures the view in Chicago on Thursday. (Scott Olson/Getty Images) With more than 120 million U.S. residents in the Midwest and Northeast under an air quality advisory and 60 million Southern residents under heat advisories Thursday, Americans are struggling with two different impacts caused by climate change. This is part of … Read more

Smoke from wildfires raises Michigan air quality and awareness of climate change

Faras Altareb of Chattanooga, left, takes pictures left as Saddam Ali from California looks at photos on Belle Isle as they celebrate Eid with Hamtramck's family on Wednesday, June 28, 2023. Heavy smoke billowed into Detroit after wildfires from Canada .

If there’s a silver lining to Canada’s smoky clouds this month, experts say, it’s that Michiganders and millions of Americans have gained a greater awareness of how air pollution affects them, how the Air Quality Index works air and the risks of climate change. Hopefully, said National Weather Service meteorologist Dave Kook, air quality alerts … Read more

Wildfires in Canada: What caused this record-breaking wildfire season?

Wildfires in Canada: What caused this record-breaking wildfire season?

WASHINGTON Smoke from wildfires in Canada continues to be a problem in the United States, recently lowering curtains of haze across the Midwest as it pushes into southern Illinois, Indiana and Ohio and moving into parts of West Virginia. Minnesota issued a record 23 air quality alerts for the year through late Wednesday night as … Read more

Many events have been canceled or moved indoors due to smoke from the Canadian wildfires

A thick haze caused by smoke from a Canadian wildfire obscures the view of downtown Indianapolis Wednesday, June 28, 2023, as seen from Highland Park on the city's east side.

Indianapolis remains in the air quality hazardous category, with exposure to outside air for a few minutes could lead to health effects, according to AccuWeather. Some of these health effects include coughing, wheezing and other more serious respiratory problems, particularly for vulnerable populations. Due to Knozone Action Day, residents are encouraged to keep activity levels … Read more

Why wildfires in Canada will affect air quality for weeks to come

Why wildfires in Canada will affect air quality for weeks to come

US cities are once again experiencing air quality problems this week as wildfires continue to burn in Canada and smoke drifts south. That smoke includes contaminants, which can exacerbate respiratory conditions and make breathing generally difficult, and could linger for weeks to come. Typically, fire season in Canada runs through spring and summer, so there … Read more

Smoke from Canadian wildfires is expected to decrease

The Fisher Building is barely visible through the haze and smoke, caused by the millions of acres burned by wildfires in Canada, in Midtown Detroit on Tuesday, June 27, 2023.

Michigan remained on air quality alert Wednesday, with experts warning that groups sensitive to pollution, especially seniors with chronic heart or lung disease, children and asthmatics could put their health at risk if they spend a lot of time outdoors, breathing in smoke-filled air from Canadian forest fires. “Today we will be monitoring air quality … Read more